Meet Kelly

Hey! I'm Kelly

And I love all things meditation and yoga. Like I really, really love yoga and meditation, and I'm not talking about the kind of yoga that you see on instagram with that bendy lady showing off her incredible flexibility on a beach or the kind of meditation where you have to wear a cape and make symbols with your hands. That's just not me.


I'm talking about the kind of yoga and meditation that was practiced thousands of years ago where the poses weren't the most important part, it wasn't about how you looked, and it was a practice of self-exploration and a journey towards your most vibrant self through breath, movement, mindfulness, and meditation. 

I believe in self-healing, balance, and celebrating the parts of us that are imperfect and human. I believe you can live a mindful life in 20 minutes or less each day and while eating carbs, drinking caffeine, and juggling a career, family, and life. 

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