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Be Present

Updated: Jul 18, 2018

How many of you out there have heard me say "don't be thrown into the future and don't be pulled into the past. Be here right now." 

Chances are you've heard me say a version of this before because I know it is some of the most common advice I give my students. I constantly hear from them that they are worried about something that is coming up in their life or they are stuck in something that happened in their past. 

We are humans and humans have memories, wishes, emotions, and desires which can make it nearly impossible to live in the present. I have been guilty of this for almost my whole life. As much as I talk the talk and tell my students that there is nothing stronger than being in the present and to be here in this moment is the most powerful and wonderful thing that you can possibly do, did I follow my own advice?


I am constantly living in the past and throwing myself into the future. I am constantly analyzing the past, planning for the future, and it is not uncommon to find pouring over calendars, and lists and literally planning my life out into 2020. 

I mean c'mon I am not only a yogi and a meditation teacher but I am a business owner, a head of a mildly chaotic household, a dedicated dog mom, and a girl in her late 20s just trying to live her best, authentic, and fulfilling life. 

And that stuff just does not magically happen. It's not like a have a magic wand that I wave and my best life just appears in front of me. It comes from constant planning, organizing, analyzing, and thinking 3 steps ahead while constantly learning from your past mistakes and life lessons. 

But that doesn't leave much time for being present and it also makes me a bit of a hypocrite when I spend my days telling people to be here now and literally teaching them how to be present in a busy life but I think I am somehow too busy for it. 

So...I challenged myself. 

I sat myself down and decided I was done feeling like a hypocrite and I was going to follow my own advice. 

And you know what happened?

1. It was really freaking hard. 2. I realized just how long it had been since I was actually present. 3. I noticed just how tragically attached I am to my cell phone and multitasking  4. Did I mention how hard it was? 5. I began to listen to my body 6. I had meaningful conversations with those around me

I experienced the magic and power of being present first hand. I used to be much more present before the craziness of business owning and adult life took over and I hadn't realized how out of practice I was until I forced myself to do it. 

So I took a short hiatus from you. I took a few weeks to reset, recharge, and be present. 

I took a trip, total transparency it was a work trip, but I took a trip to Denmark and Sweden (pictured above) and instead of filling every moment with something to do I just enjoyed the moment. I recommitted myself to my personal practice, and I tried to be more present when I had conversations with those around me. 

I tried to live in the now instead of being pulled or thrown into the past or future. 

And it was magical. '

This week on the podcast I wanted to share a meditation that I personally used while trying to connect with the present moment, make you pause and just experience what is happening around you. If you haven't listening to the present moment meditationyou can check it out here. 

And if you want to see my full thoughts on the inspiration for this week's meditation and how I like to stay present you can watch the full vlog here. 

I heard a saying this week and it really resonated with me. "Depression is living in the past, anxiety is living in the future, peace is living in the present." 

So I want to challenge you to take a moment and just be present. Experience even a single moment without being pulled or thrown into the past or future. It will be hard, but I promise the hard work is worth it. 

Deepest gratitude, Kelly

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