• Kelly Smith


Why are we so dang afraid of everything? Why is courage so hard to muster?

I believe that courage is not being fearless, but instead still be able to act and live in the presence of your fear.

For years I lived my life in fear. My biggest fear was that one day someone would finally see me for who I was and know that I wasn't like everyone else. They would know that I was different, not the status quo, and I was terrified that someone would finally see me for my true self.

That fear didn't go away. It is still there to this day.

But when I finally summoned my courage and moved through my fear and began to share my true self with the world slowly, but surely it was TERRIFYING!

Here I was sharing my most true self, my most vulnerable part and giving it away to people and seeing if it would be welcome and well received. What if I finally shared myself and it was rejected? Or ridiculed?

That was the fear that I needed to move through. I needed to live through that fear and use my courage to finally share who I really was, what my passion was. It was scary, but the best thing that I have ever done.

Check out my vlog this week to see how and why I decided to stop living in fear and bring my courage forward.

This week I wrote a guided meditation to help you bring your courage forward and live your life with bravery. I wanted to help you feel like the unstoppable and incredible force that you are!

If you haven't checked out this week's courage meditation you can listen to it here.

Be bold, be courageous, be you!



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