• Kelly Smith


Why is forgiveness so hard??

Like why is it really, really hard to do?

For years I held onto harmful and unkind things that people did, said, and thought about me and you know what happened? I was only hurting myself.

I was lugging around their bad actions and carrying the burden of them and it was slowing my down, filling up my mind and heart with resentment and insecurity, and I wasn't even the one that did the harmful or unkind thing.

So I met a teacher, Bhante, and you can learn more about his teachings here. He helped see just how much I was holding onto and the freedom that forgiveness gave me. Not to mention he introduced me to the idea of self-forgiveness which changed my life.

Literally, it changed my life. I saw myself in a new, human, light and I began to create more space in my heart for joy, laughter, and wonderful things instead of judgement, anger, resentment, and frustration at myself for not being 'perfect.'

So this week on the podcast I wanted to share a meditation with you that will help with forgiveness. If you missed it you can check it out here. And watch the video above to hear more about my struggle with forgiveness and my inspiration for this week's podcast episode.

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