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Happy Heart

I had a revelation this week. 

After a few weeks of feeling a little down, stressed, and just weighed down and bleh I had a revelation while I was sitting on my couch looking at my dog.

The secret to having a happy heart is being grateful for the little things. 

Ok so maybe I should take a step back and explain how I got from looking at Mila to a complete mindset shift. 

So I'll rewind a few weeks. 

I have been going through some life changes and feeling a little uncertain, not necessarily in a badway but uncertain all the same. Recently I have been spending a lot of time by myself as my husband is out of town for two months for his job and I have been spending more and more time working from home on trainings, meditations, and videos for Yoga For You projects. I also have yet another move on the horizon this spring, which is in the back of my mind.

I have always been the kind of person that doesn't mind the quiet and enjoys my own company, so I haven't been that bothered by the alone time, but I think perhaps the lack of having someone to download my day with and just be around has started to weigh me down a little bit more than I realized.

So I found myself getting sick this week, and then spending a large portion of the weekend laying around watching tv and just being a general lump. But I took small breaks from my lump-ness to take care of my dog. Which included a trip to her favorite dog park to play.

We did this both Saturday and Sunday. 

Then Sunday night rolls around and I am sitting on the couch thinking about the 10,000 things I should have done this weekend, and the stress of the upcoming week and reflecting on the general uncertainty that my life is going to be full of for the next few months. 

Then I look over at Mila and that cutie pie is just laying on the floor by me with a giant smile on her face. 

Like an actual, legit, huge doggy grin. 

And BOOM 2 things hit me.

1. Seeing her happy makes me so incredibly happy and filled my heart up with instant love and joy 2. Why is she so dang happy? All she is doing is just laying on the floor by me and that apparently brought her huge joy in her life. 

The reason she was so happy was because she was completely in the moment and wasn't laying there thinking "oh I love laying here right now, but jeez once tomorrow rolls by and mom has to work out of the house I will be sad, so I might as well be sad now." 


She was happy being by one of the people she loves in that moment and that was enough to completely fill her heart up with joy.

That's it.

Bring present and being grateful for the small and wonderful moments that come into our life each day is the secret to a happy heart. 

It is impossible not to lift the weight off of your heart and be happy when you find gratitude for the tiny things in life that fill you up with joy. 

For example.

I am so happy and grateful that I opened my eyes this morning and got to welcome a new day. 

I am so happy and grateful that when I opened my fridge I had a perfectly portioned lunch already in there for me. I didn't even have to make anything, it was just there!

I am so happy and grateful that I got to teach a yoga class this morning and see my students at 7:30am. 

See the pattern? All of these things are great and wonderful and I never take the time to not only enjoy them but be grateful for them and celebrate the goodness that surrounds me in those small and miraculous moments and each time I ignore these things my heart gets heavier.

So as I sat on my couch and had this revelation looking at my happy, stinky, drooling girl I decided that I was going to have a happy heart. I was going to seize these moments and be grateful for them as often as I could, and I wanted to share this feeling and revelation with everyone. 

So I did. 

I wrote and recorded a happy heart meditationon the podcast this week. 

Then I talked about my revelation on this week's vlog.

Now I am living this revelation. I am choosing a happy heart, and I am doing it by being grateful for the teeny, tiny, little life moments that fill me up with joy, and it has changed everything for me, and I hope it changes everything for you.

So i pose this question- What is one tiny thing that you overlook each day that has the potential to fill your heart with happiness if you just notice it's there and be grateful for it? 

If you want to hear me list a few things (I have to admit some are a little silly) you can watch this week's vlog here. 

If you want to do the happy heart meditationyou can check it out here

From my happy heart to yours,



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