• Kelly Smith


I had a revelation this week.

I realized that you guys Are. Not. Sleeping.

The funny thing is that I realized this in the middle of the night while I should have been sleeping, but this was honestly keeping me awake last night.

I realized that every time I post an episode of the Mindful in Minutes podcastand the topic of the meditation is sleep related it get 2-3x more downloads than any other topic! 

That means one of three things. Either 1. There is a handful of you that need a guided meditation each night to fall asleep or 2. There are a bunch of people out there seeking out meditation specifically to help them sleep, or 3. Both are true.

I became a little obsessed with this idea and I  looked back on my notes on consultations with new clients and I saw the same thing over and over when I asked "what do you hope to get out of meditation?" 

I am stressed, anxious, and I'm not sleeping. It would be so nice if I could finally sleep.

I hear it all the time.


So as I was laying awake last night after I woke up 1:30am and couldn't fall back asleep, which I realize is terribly ironic because I was thinking about insomnia while I had insomnia, but I started thinking. 

Why aren't we sleeping and what can we do to change that. 

I did a deep dive into sleep statistics and found some really eye opening, and also terrifying statistics and I talk about on the vlog this week

But what I found out was not only that 60 million Americans suffer from insomnia each year, but one of the most popular new trends in helping battle sleep disturbances is restorative yoga and meditation.

So I thought hmmm...

I know a couple of things about restorative yoga and meditation ;) 

People apparently aren't sleeping and I know the power that meditation can have on improving sleep. I personally helped heal my own sleeping disturbances, sleep deprivation and constant busy brain with meditation why don't I share more of these techniques and hopefully help people start sleeping again?

So that's what I am going to do. 

I am working on a low cost, ad free, and widely accessible resource, probably a collection of sleep specific meditations and potentially a few short restorative poses or yoga nidra classes, that are scientifically designed to help you sleep in just a few minutes. 


If you are one of the people that have ever suffered from sleep troubles comment below and tell me the one thing you struggle with most when it comes to sleep. 

If you this, you will not only have a huge role in helping me design this resource, but I will put you on a special list and will give you first access to it when it's released at a special rate and a bonus for being a co-creator. 

That's it.

Just comment below with your one thing. It would help me and others so much. The more information I get the more information I can use to design a program that help us start sleeping again!

Willing to help a sister out?

Deepest gratitude, Kelly 


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