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Have you ever called someone and then you go through a dead zone that makes it nearly impossible to hear what the person is saying? Or maybe you feel like they are talking so much that you can't get a single word in edgewise? What about that feeling when someone  just talks at you, never listens, and doesn't seem the least bit interested in what you have to say?

Know the feeling?

Guess does your intuition. And it's probably really freaking annoyed at you because of it. 

But to be fair, it might not be completely your fault, maybe you just never learned how to connect with your intuition, or maybe you're still working on how to listen. But like any good relationship when it comes to connecting with your intuition there needs to be trust, communication, and commitment. 

Also, you're probably not alone.

I just spend an entire weekend with a group of incredible women leading them through ways to connect with their intuition. During the Ignite Your Intuition retreat we did ALL. THE. THINGS. when it comes to connecting with something deeper. 

We did yoga, we did workshops, we did meditation, we did Yoga Nidra, we burned sage and used crystals, and even ate meals to help balance our chakras that are connected with intuition. We were not playing around this weekend we were down right determined to connect with that intuition. 

And man, oh man, were there breakthroughs. 

Like total, complete, ah-ha moment, perspective shifting, revelations and breakthroughs. 

But maybe not for the reason you are thinking. 

Yes we absolutely connected with our intuitions, but what we really did was learn how to listen, and build that strong line of communication between you and your internal guide. 

Your intuition is one of the strongest powers that you posses. It keeps you safe, it keeps you secure, it is always true, and it guides you through anything. All you have to do is ask and then listen. 

One of my very first times meditating was an intuition meditation. I had recently gone through a big life change that was moving me from my home of Minneapolis, MN to a small town called Kirksville, MO, where I didn't know anyone, I would have to leave my career, leave all friends and family, and move to a place where there wasn't even a Target! 

And to be completely honest it was not an easy decision. I went back and forth over if I should even go or not. 

I spent so much time thinking, analyzing, writing lists of pros and cons, crying, asking for advice, calling a therapist, crying more and then one night I remembered what one of my teachers from my yoga teacher training had said to me. 

Meditation is building the bond between you and your deeper self. Your intuition will always guide you all you have to do is ask. 

So I thought what the heck? I'll give this meditation thing (something I had kind of disregarded as a little woo-woo during my training) a shot. What's the worst that could happen.

So I listened to an intuition meditation, quieted my mind and when the recording was over I asked my question and waiting for an answer. And in the deepest part of my heart and my soul I got an answer. 

Go. Do yoga. 

The answer SHOCKED me. I really wasn't even thinking about doing yoga as a career at this point, I was thinking I would get another management job and maybe teach a class or two on the side. But that big, resounding answer told me differently. And to be honest the hard part wasn't getting the answer. The hard part was then doing what my intuition told me to do.

I didn't know it at the time, but "Go. Do yoga." was just the start of an absolutely wild, crazy, unpredictable, stressful, incredible, unforgettable, and terrifying experience. It was the catalyst that put me on the path I am now walking today, and it was really, really hard.

But if there is one thing I know it is that your intuition will always give you the answer, but then it's up to you to have the courage to follow it. 

My life has changed forever because I was willing to listen. 

And since then I have never stopped listening. 

So this week I share my thoughts on how to connect with your guide and I share a meditation that I used this very weekend to help retreat attendee's connect with their intuition on the Mindful in Minutes podcast. 

I am forever grateful to my guide and my inner self that directs me, and I can only imagine how different life wood be if I hadn't learned how to listen.

Deepest love, Kelly

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