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I'm sitting here, writing this at my dining room table. This is one of my favorite places to work because it backs up to the small patio I have behind my home. This is one of my favorite places to write and work because it is one of the few places in my home that has lots of natural light. 

Technically it is spring, like the calendar says it spring, but to be honest I am still rocking sweaters, putting the extra blanket on the bed at night, and last week we got 4 inches of snow. it really spring?? I'm not completely convinced. 

BUT. The days are definitely getting longer and the sun is staying out longer, so I can enjoy more of these moments at my dining room table working in the natural, bright light from the patio.

This week I shared a guided meditation for renewal. It was inspired by this time of year. This time of rebirth, reawakening, and change. 

Lately I have been feeling like a big, slow, lump after this long, and arguably still present, winter and I am ready to shed that shell and bloom for spring. I feel like someone that has put on cozy socks, grabbed a blanket, and hibernated with snacks, netflix, and a cup of coffee. Which is basically what I did all winter, but now I'm ready to reawaken. So that's exactly what I did in this meditation.

Spring is probably one of the most common times to think about change, starting over, and beginning again, but I believe that every day and each moment is an opportunity to renew. We don't have to wait for a certain calendar month or day to start over, why not start right now?

In this week's vlog I talk about change, renewal, starting, over, and why it is so hard to do all of those things! 

You can check out all of my thoughts on this week's vlog. If you haven't listened to the renewal meditationyou can check it out here

Deep gratitude and happy (almost) spring! Kelly


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