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Updated: Apr 5, 2018

Ok confession time. I almost couldn't sit down and record this video on self-love. Why? Because I was worried about being a fraud. How could I speak on a topic I don't practice?

I wrote this meditation for one of the podcast listeners that had requested it and as soon as I saw the email I said absolutely yes. After I said yes, I spent the rest of my email building up this listener and explaining to her just why she is awesome and should love herself.

I do this a lot for people. It's actually one of my favorite things to do. My whole mission in life is to have people leave me feeling better than when they walked in my door. It is not uncommon to hear me giving someone a pep talk, build them up, and let them know how amazing and incredible and absolutely AWESOME I think they are. 

And it's all true! Everyone on this earth is awesome and I appreciate them! 

I love to build people up because we are so hard on ourselves and we spend most of our day tearing ourselves down, so if one of my students, clients, friends, or even some random person I cross paths with needs me pick me up, I'm happy to do it!

I knew for weeks that this topic was coming up and I didn't record the video because I didn't know what to say. I didn't want to say something that would be dishonest, or seem like I have self-love all figured out and I have the secret key to unlocking abundant self-love and radiance. Because I don't. 

Honestly, I struggle with it just as much as anyone else. I struggle with it when I look in the mirror and see someone less than what other's see. I struggle to talk to my-self positively and build myself up like I do others, and I can often be found worrying and reliving mistakes that I made and being so hard on myself for making those mistakes, instead of just accepting that I am human and humans make mistakes. 

But this listener's email helped me realize that although I may be good at building others up I might need to start to practice what I preach and look at self-love a different way. It really challenged me to ask the question, why can I so easily love others and hold such contempt for myself? It shouldn't be that way.

So I have officially given myself permission to start seeing the good in myself and to start building myself up slowly, but surely, like I would those around me that need a pick me up. I would never speak to a friend the way I speak to myself because honestly, I wouldn't have any friends left! They wouldn't want to be a round me because of my mean words! 

So I have begun working on my self-love. This weekend I practiced self-love by listening to my body, forgiving myself for not being perfect and not checking everything off my to do list, and I took myself on a date to see a movie! It was really fun, and it felt so great and indulgent. If you haven't taken yourself out on a date in a while, or ever, I highly recommend it!

I also started doing an exercise that I often do with my students and clients to help them cultivate their self-love and see themselves through a more positive lens. It really does work! In this week's vlog I talk about my struggles but also walk you through that exercise. 

I also do a version of it in the self-love meditation I released on the podcast this week. 

Self-love is not easy, and it will not happen overnight, but I think if try to love ourselves just a little bit more every single day a little bit a day can add up to a big change. 

Deep Love for you (and myself) Kelly


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