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I have to say that this vlog topic was perfect for this week. I have been trying to get it up for two days now and I finally, FINALLY, got it up! The whole topic of this video is to share my thoughts on stillness and why it's so important to cultivate stillness while there is chaos around you and it's almost laugh out loud funny because there was so much chaos surround this one post.

There was absolute chaos as I tried to edit, upload, curate, and send this vlog to you on time yesterday. just didn't happen. The universe wanted to sit back and laugh to see if I could really walk the walk.

So how exactly do I keep my cool while technology is breaking, dogs are walking through my frame, files mysteriously disappear and then reappear, and I have a tight deadline that is looming?


Stillness is a practice that I have been working on for a long, long time. I used to be that kid that was constantly fidgeting, moving, talking (ALWAYS TALKING) and going non stop. To be honest, I am still like that...especially with the talking, but I have found a way to create stillness when I need to.

When throws me a big pile of stuff on my plate and the world around me is nothing short of chaotic I can create stillness even for just a moment to get my emotions in check, clear my mind, and not let my feelings and panic take over.

In this week's podcast episode I did a guided meditation to help you find stillness. You can check it out HERE.

In this week's vlog I talk about my stillness practice and why I feel so strongly that it is a "superpower." You can check that out HERE.

Let me know what you think about stillness!

Deep love, Kelly


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