• Kelly Smith


STRESS!! The thumbnail for this video says it all. Sometimes the stress seems like it is just too much and you want to scream!

I get it. I TOTALLY get it.

As an entrepreneur, small business owner, and the bread-winner of a single income family. I completely understand.

But I used to feel like the woman in this picture almost every single day. I was either ready to burst and scream, or I was so run down, broke down, and exhausted that no amount of coffee could keep me awake, alert, and going.

But the worst part? I was basically wearing my over working, stressed out, and over committed self as a badge of honor on my chest. It was like somehow my career was more valid and important because I worked over 80 hours, 7 days a week, and with out breaks.

I said yes to everything. Literally every opportunity that came my way I said yes and I took something else on to my plate, but then my plate got so full that I didn't even know where to start.

Plus, I was choosing a lot of this stress! I was choosing to work that much, take on new projects, and never say never.

I just couldn't keep up, and honestly, why would I want to? Why are we so obsessed with being more, doing more, having more, just MORE.

But I decided to change and stop wanting, expecting, and taking on more. And my life changed.

Check out my thoughts on stress, learn about my inspiration for this week's meditation and hear some tips on how to stop being so dang stressed all the time.

Listen to this week's meditation HERE


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