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Stress Relief

It's been a stressful week...actually it's been a stressful month around here at Yoga For You. In the next month I will be facilitating two retreats, one local and one international, a meditation teacher training, finalize enrollment in the next Yoga For You 200-hr yoga teacher training, and keep the weekly content coming to you each and every week on top of just living a normal life and dealing with the things the universe has been throwing my way lately. 

The problem about this upcoming month is not just the events, but the amount of work that goes into each and every training and event that I do through Yoga For You. Each event is hand crafted and tailored for the group that has enrolled, and I do everything that I can to make them special for my students.

This means there its a ton of work that happens before the actual event. For every hour of active training that I offer there are at least 3 hours of planning and prep time, and for every hour of retreat time there are at least 5 hours of prep time that have gone into that one hour. 

So for those of you that like math it looks a little something like this...

5 x (total retreat hours) + 3 x (total training hours) + (total retreat hours + total training hours)


(5 x 207) + (3 x 225) + (207 + 225) = ONE VERY, VERY STRESSFUL TIME HERE AT YFY!

Now to be fair I don't do it all at once, and I do have some wonderful people that help to support me. Usually the full workload for a retreat is spread out over 6-8 months, and creating a new training takes at least that much time, but sometimes more.

So to say I have been stressed would be a real truth, but there are times in life where things are busy, and things are stressful, but it what you do during these times that make all of the difference. Do you let the stress eat you alive, or do you have checks and systems in place so that when these things happen you can take care of yourself, manage your stress, and make it through a busy time. 

This week on the vlog I talk about the 4 ways I manage stress in my life. If you want to hear about those you can check it out here. (Some of them might actually surprise you.)

But before you even get to managing the stress, how do you start to notice the stress creep into your life when it first comes in? Our bodies are so much smarter than we give them credit for and they know when things have been thrown out of balance, and something needs to happen. It will always give you signals, and it will always tell you when this has happened, but do you listen?

I know for me I will start to see signs of a stress overload when I begin feeling unfocused, overwhelmed, I make my yoga and meditation practice a lower priority (I know...bad yogi!!!), and I start to have small aches and pains like headaches, stomach aches, and joint pain.

If I ignore the small signs, and just keep blasting through my stress without trying to relieve it? We are talking full on ulcers, migraines, body injuries, nightmares, and anxiety over unrelated and irrational ideas like fixating on if I closed my garage door this morning or not. 

It has taken me a long time to be able to realize what my small stress signs were so that I could relieve that stress and work on life management right out of the gate instead of waiting until my body and mind are screaming at me so loudly I have no option but to stop everything and deal with it. 

These small stress signals can look like anything and they will be different from person to person. Maybe it shows up like not sleeping at night, or maybe it starts with being short with your family and kids, or perhaps a small stress signal might be your constant craving for late night junk food. It can be anything, but the important thing is to start identifying them right away and relieve your stress then before you have a full-blow stress monster. 

So what can you do during these times of stress to help keep the stress monster away? This week on the vlog I talk about my favorite ways to deal with stress, and how I have used them in my life, but if you just want the skinny here it is. 

1. Keep a regular yoga and meditation practice NO. MATTER. WHAT. 2. Do something that I haven't done in a while that brings me joy 3. Take a retreat  4. Do/watch/listen to something that always makes me laugh 

That's it. Seems simple enough, but how often when we're in a time of stress so we actually stop and do something to relieve our stress? If you're like me, not enough. So This week on the podcast I recorded a 12 minute total stress relief meditation for you to use when you're getting stressed. It will only take you 12 minutes, and it can help those small stress signals to stay small and not turn into a full-blown stress monster.

This week I challenge you to stop and think about what your small stress signals might be and reflect if you are currently dealing with just normal life stress or do you have a full-blown stress monster on your hands? Either way take a moment to think about what you might be able to do right now to help relieve that stress and what signals you can start looking for right away to keep stress from exploding. 

If you have any personal tips or tricks for stress I would love to hear about them! Or if you want to hear more about the events and trainings come up you can check them out here

I hope that you have a most wonderful and stress-relieving week Deepest gratitude, Kelly 


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