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Ok...I have a confession to make. Actually I have two confessions to make.  1. I have been feeling really restless lately  2. I have never been on a surfboard 

Alright Kelly, so what exactly do you have to say about surrender and surfing if you haven't been on a board and you have been wandering around feeling like "what's next...what's next???" all the time?

Glad you asked! (And even if you didn't you're going to get the run down anyways)

I HAVE been feeling restless. I HAVE been feeling like ok...what's next? Where do I go now?

Ever since I left my previous home in Missouri and moved to my new home in Michigan I have had a little but of a feeling like ok...what now? I had worked so hard to build my business, connect with the most amazing students, share my message and eventually open my own studio and start offering Yoga For You yoga teacher trainings. 

I did that all in just under three years. There were definite ups and clear downs, but the general trajectory of that time was up, and I was riding this wave that I could not believe that I was on. 

I'm serious. It was not uncommon for me to be brought to tears just thinking about where I was in life and how fortunate I was to be able to do what I loved for a living.

Then I moved. 

And everything changed.

I moved to my home in Michigan and I had to start over. New students, new clients, new friends, new surroundings, and I just felt like that wave I was riding had come to a stop and I was back to sitting, waiting, and watching. And I hated it! I was just feeling so dang restless! 

So I connected with an amazing woman, Heather Dunning, a few months back while I was in Richmond, VA and I we have stayed in touch ever since and I shared these feelings with her and what she told me totally changed my perspective. 

She reminded me that without the in-between times there are never ups and downs. Heather is one of those people who is basically one half mermaid and has surfed many times so she used the analogy of a surfer sitting, waiting, and watching for the perfect wave to ride. 

Now instead of feeling restless, I feel grateful for this time to reset, watch, feel, and wait for the right wave to ride again and get to practice surrendering to the greater plan at play. 

I wrote this week's meditation after I got off the phone with her and I was so inspired by that imagery. If you haven's checked out the full surrender meditation you can listen to it here. 

Deep love and gratitude,



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