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Vlog 13 Self-Healing I don't have superpowers, but I did take a "What superpower should you have" quiz on Buzzfeed while I ate lunch today to prepare for this post. It said I should have the power of "white hot puns." 


I think that means I am kinda sassy? Or perhaps that I can make funny word jokes?? I wasn't aware that was a superpower, but if it's on buzzfeed it must be legit, right?

So I don't have superpowers BUT I did once shock an ER doctor with my ability to heal myself through meditation (After I drove to the ER with my hand sticking out the window wrapped in a bloody dish towel.) 

In this week's vlog I tell you that whole story, but I also give you a how-to on self-healing meditation, which is this week's podcast episode and also an excerpt from theBalanced and Beautiful Life Coursethat starts on June 1st. 

I 100% believe that we have the ability to heal ourselves. I believe that the mind is a powerful thing and it has the ability to speed up the healing process and get us up and moving faster than if we didn't use that power. I know that our minds have capabilities beyond what we can even comprehend and if we can start to harness that power, even a tiny bit, we can make huge changes in how our bodies function. 

When I tell people this, they often think that I am just spitting a bunch of "woo-woo" stuff at them and they say things like 'show me the data' OR 'it's all just a scam.' But it's not. I know it's not, and science backs that up too. 

Think about it, our bodies self-heal every single day without us thinking about it. If we get a paper cut, or we jam our toe and the toenail falls off, or even if we lose an eyelash, IT WILL ALL REGENERATE. And that's even without us thinking about it, the body will just naturally do it's work.

So who's to say that if we didn't consciously focus on that healing and regenerative process it wouldn't become even stronger. There have been tons of studies on positive mindset and how that can impact your health and healing, as well as how we can increase our focus mentally and refine skills through meditation practices, so is it that big of a leap to say that if we combined the two we could create an ability to heal ourselves faster? 

I don't think so. In fact, I know that through meditation we can heal ourselves faster than if we just ignored it and let the body do it's work. 

Just this week I have been practicing this meditation because I had a cold this weekend, that has now turned into some bronchitis and lung inflammation. (Yuck!) Last night I went to bed and my lungs felt so sore and raw and I had a cough that was so loud that my husband moved into the spare bedroom to sleep.

No joke, I sounded like a chain-smoking walrus. 

So I did this meditation. I imagined my lungs and saw them as they are, raw, inflamed, and irritated. Then I imagined them being cooled down by a blue light and the inflammtion reducing, and my health returning to normal, and this morning I felt SO. MUCH. BETTER.

I am still have a cough that slight resembles a walrus, but it is miles ahead of where it was last night. 

And this is what I do every time I have any ailment or injury. I imagine the body as it is, hurt, and then imagine it healing and returning back to health. Is it a magic trick that will mysteriously cure everything? no. But does it encourage my body to go through it's natural healing process? Sure does! Does it often work so well that it shocks ER docs? Yup!

So I continue to practice it, and I share this meditation with my clients who have all sorts of ailments and injuries both physical and nonphysical and the transformation is INCREDIBLE! Our minds are so powerful, and we have such amazing abilities, we just have to learn how to tap into those abilities, so I wanted to share my exact process on how to do that with you this week. I hope this meditation helps you and that you begin to see the super powers that we all have inside!

To check out how you can heal yourself with meditation check out the full vlog here.

Then listen tothe guided self-healing meditation here. 

And if you want 21 days of meditation, movement, and self-exploration you can sign up for the Balanced and Beautiful Life here. 

Happy Healing! Kelly


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