• Kelly Smith


We all worry.

Every single day we experience some form of worry.

It might be something small, like did I remember to put the trash on the curb today for pickup? Or it might be something big, like what will my doctor say when he calls with my test results?

Fact. Worry is a part of life. 

Just last night I woke up in the middle fo the night and thought "oh shoot!! (total honesty I didn't use shoot...I used a similar, more colorful word) Did I remember to confirm with my morning client yesterday? What if I show up at their house tomorrow and they are still sleeping or weren't expecting me?!

What could I do? I couldn't call them at 3am to confirm our appointment in just a few hours, I could get up in the middle of the night, turn on my computer go through all of my correspondences and see if I did infect remember to confirm our appointment that morning, which would probably then get my checking my emails and starting work at 3am. 

Or. I could go back to sleep and stop putting myself through worse case scenarios and deal with this when my alarm went off in the morning. 

A few years ago before I received this priceless lesson on worry from one of my yoga teachers, I would have laid in bed worrying, and then eventually get up, turn on my computer go through all correspondences and then confirm or deny that yes, I did confirm my morning appointment. Either way I wouldn't be going back to sleep and I would probably just start my day at 3am. 

Now, I tell myself that either way it is too late to do something about it and it's my time to take care of myself and sleep and I can deal with it when I wake up. 

So that's what I did. 

When I was going through my 200-hr yoga teacher training my teacher told me something about worry, and it changed my life. No joke. It changed my life. 

She told me what every time she laid in bed and worried she was putting herself through the worst case scenario, that most likely wouldn't come true. So if she kept worrying and worrying she was putting her body and mind through the harm of experiencing the worst case scenario, instead of just having to deal with it one time if it happened. 

I had never, ever thought of it this way. I never looked at worry as a real harm to my body and a way to putting myself through grief that ultimately wouldn't happen, and if it ever did, I wouldn't want to go through it more than once. 

So I changed the way I started looking at worry and everything changed. 

This week I wrote a meditation called SOS anxiety and it is for those times when anxiety creeps into your life and you need to tame it ASAP. I know that anxiety and worry are not the same thing, but they are connected. I personally have struggled with anxiety in my life on and off and recently it has been set to the on switch. 

And it sucks. 

I try to remind myself that if I worry over and over and over about this same thing I am putting myself through it time and time again, and I am just causing harm and grief on my body and mind. So I try to remember what my teacher said, and it helps. Also, reminding myself that this is just a moment and each moment that I keep breathing, I will make it through. 

Anxiety is probably the most common topic I get requests to do meditations for, or to help with. I know a lot of you are struggling with anxiety, but you can ease the pain, you can ease the worry, and you can tame your anxiety. 

If you want to watch the full vlog you can check it out here. Remember, what each moment will only last that single moment, and then it will pass. Stop. Breathe. Repeat. 

Deep love, Kelly


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