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Yoga Nidra

There really aren't a lot of rules around here at YFY. 

I would say instead of rules there are more guidelines than actual rules.

But when it comes to podcasting I would say there is a rule that all Mindful in Minutes episodes will be meditations less than 20 minutes each. In fact that's part of the show's description on iTunes so that makes it a rule, right?

Not this week. 

This week I released a 25 minute full yoga nidra practice

It's 25 minutes and it's technically yoga and not meditation.

You know what I say? My podcast. My rules. 

I decided to break what is basically the only rule around here because of the huge interest I have seen lately in the practice. 

Just in the last month I have been asked to teach yoga nidra classes at yoga festivals, offered some classes locally that sold out right away, and was even invited to come and teach other yoga teachers how to do do yoga nidra. 

So I thought why not? I'm going to take a whole week to talk about my new found love Yoga Nidra. 

I first fell in love with yoga nidra when I was taking a 300 hour yoga teacher training in Bali a few years ago. Although I have to admit the first few times we practiced I slept through the whole thing...BUT...once I finally figured out how to stay awake during the practice I fell in love.

Yoga Nidra fuse my two loves of yoga and meditation together. Technically it is a yoga practice because we are peeling back the different layers of our being and working with the Koshas, a yoga term for the 5 bodies or layers of our being, while gettin the full relaxation and stillness of a guided mediation practice. 

And if we can move through all five of these layers we will come face-to-face with our true self. The true self is the most pure and authentic form of ourselves. Some call it the soul, the divine, the vital self, the pure self. But whatever you call it, it is the place in our that we want to live from. It is the part of us that is honest, good, pure, and all knowing. It is the part of us that we strive to live from but many never even meet.


Because not only are there so many different layers of sheaths between the self that we show the world and our true self, but because we are often afraid to live from this true and authentic self, or perhaps don't know how to connect with it and build the bridge between the self we show the world and the pure self that resides deep within us. 

So in steps Yoga Nidra. It translates into yogic sleep, which is kinda of funny and ironic because so many people (myself included) to sleep through the practice, but it's purpose is not to put you to sleep. It's purpose is to bring you through all of these layers of your being and bring you to your true self where you can plant a seed or a positive intention that will continue to grow even after the practice is finished. 

Then each time you practice yoga nidra and you come face-to-face with your true self that bridge becomes stronger, and bond between you and your true self becomes stronger and you start to live more and more from this place, with the ultimate goal of there being do difference between the self you show the world and the pure self that lives within you.

Cool stuff, right?

I think so!

I think it is so cool in fact that I broke my own podcasting rules to share it with you! I recorded a full yoga nidra practice that I gave at a large yoga festival here in Michigan and it's whole theme/intention is to bring you closer to your true self. 

I also talk about some of my favorite things about yoga nidra and why you should be incorporating this practice into your life on this week's vlog.

If you want to experience yoga nidra you can check out this week's episode of the Mindful in Minutes podcast, or if you're in Michigan and want to experience it live you can come to one of my Yoga Nidra classes in Grand Rapids

What do you think?  Would you give Yoga Nidra a try?

Happy (yoga) sleeping, Kelly 


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